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Saying sorry doesn’t always mean that I want to apologize for doing something wrong. It has many other meanings; sometimes it means:

  • I’m sad that you’re not feeling good because of me;
  • I didn’t mean to cause any harm to you;
  • I appreciate our relationship;
  • I understand your sadness or frustration;
  • I don’t care whose fault it is but I just want to mend what is broken;
  • If saying sorry makes you feel better, I have no mind saying it till you feel satisfied;
  •  I got enough, I want to end the war between us;
  • I quit whatsoever is the result;
  • I hold the whole responsibility for what my fault caused.

saying sorry means a lot but briefly it’s mostly about appreciation. A very important word in any relationship that can rebuild and unite what ruins between people, it doesn’t mean that it can fix everything as it remains a word which can heal the soul for sometimes and open the gate for reconciliation; but our materialistic nature needs something to heal with, the verb that pushes and fixes the idea of feeling sorry through the way.

I’m sorry for everything and I’m saying so to mean every reason written above, hoping these words can find its way to the ones I love the most and wishing I could do more than just saying sorry.


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I’m blessed to be born in an intermediate family; they know how to raise their children and take care of them. They held responsibility with balance and knew to manage their life effectively, so I’m here, can write and speak out to make my voice heard. It’s not necessary to have a problem to speak out, we as women have to speak out to emphasize our existence, to be a model for women who can’t get their rights yet. Because I realized that I was lucky to get educated and to know how it differs when you get your chance to see the world with a wide vision, to know how to deal with the world around in a better way; I knew that I have the role to enlighten the way for others to see what I see, to help them get their own chances in life. I believe women around the globe, who in need of help, don’t want someone to put them aside and make something to better their life without even giving them the chance to be part of the event. They rather need a supporter to share their burden with, someone to listen to their problems, give them the push to do provoke their rights and wants, they need someone who can enlighten the way for them so that they walk in without fear. They need to know that there is someone who knows about them and their suffering.

Being a correspondent to world pulse gives me the chance to know better about women conditions, the obstacle they face to get educated as I believe that education is the main key to solve most of the problems in the world. It will make me immerse in research, make interviews, analyze data to reach the best form to present to whom is may concern, so that they can see the picture clearly and find the best solutions. Being a correspondent to world pulse enables me to involve deeper in women problems, know more and be a mediator between women and the world. I need to be a correspondent because I want to be a part of the change movement.

Thanks for WP for giving me this chance

Link: http://worldpulse.com/node/70185

Published: 29/04/2013

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Education is one of the most important investments a country can make for its people and its future. It is critical to reducing poverty and inequality. The high education level a country has, the more progress it can realize in all aspects. Egypt like many developing countries has a high level of poverty, 25.2 percent in 2010/11(World Bank), which means a lot of consequences, ignorance, misleading beliefs, gender based violence low sanitary level, high level of children mortality. ‘‘Although only a little over half of the population lives in rural areas, more than 78% of the poor and 80% of the extreme poor live there. These income disparities are reinforced by the gaps in social indicators, where virtually all health indicators and literacy rates are worse in Upper Egypt than in Lower Egypt and worse in rural areas than in urban areas. Illiteracy rates among young women in Upper Egypt are 24 percent, twice the rates of their male counterparts.’’ World Bank For girls living in poverty, every stage of life can be a struggle as they don’t enjoy the same education, choices and opportunities as boys. But why girls, in specific are the most who are influenced by the poverty of a country?

In fact girls face many challenges when living in a poor community. It’s not only Egypt that has many reasons why girls miss out school. Below are some of the challenges girls face that prevent them from attending schools.
1. Many families are unable to meet the costs of putting their children through school; as a result they are forced to choose who to send to school. Mostly, it is the girl that is kept back. Boys are seen as the future breadwinners of the family. Many believe that girls are better-off if married early and will be more financially secure with a husband. So, many adolescent girls around the world are subject to early forced marriages, often with men who are considerably older than them. This brings extra responsibilities for girls, including more household tasks and childcare, leaving little or no time for education.
2. Because education of girls is not the priority, girls may face sexual and non-sexual violence from men around. When girls reach puberty, many will face an increased threat of abuse and violence, including sexual harassment, incest and female genital mutilation. This can result in both physical and mental trauma, loss of self-esteem, low attendance, high-dropout rates and under-performance. A World Bank study in Ecuador found more than one in five adolescent girls had been victims of sexual abuse at school.
3. Lack of enough school places, force children to travel long distances to reach their schools, especially in rural communities. This makes parents less likely to allow daughters to attend schools due to issues of safety and security.
4. Girls may not feel school is a safe or secure environment if, for instance, there are no separate toilets for boys and girls. Often, girls do not attend school during menstruation because of a lack of clean, safe and private sanitation facilities.
5. Ignorance about the importance of educating girls.

To be honest and realistic, No country could implement all of reforming strategies at once or alone. First of all, governments should undertake an analysis of the particular barriers facing girls to selecting a package of the most pertinent interventions. Government can make use of the private sector to help solving some of the logistics issues like building new schools and provide it with the requires facilities. Below are some the measure that should be considered to solve the problem.

• Making education free and compulsory is the keystone of any national plan to eliminate gender disparity in education.
• Explaining the advantages of sending girls to school can make a real difference. In Malawi, for example, the initial result of abolishing school fees in 1994 was an increase in enrolment of almost 70 per cent (UNICEF)
• Employ a high proportion of female teachers. This will make girls and their families feel more secure to send girls to the school.
• Promoting health in schools. Teaching HIV/AIDS Prevention & Personal hygiene Education program.
• Eliminating gender bias from textbooks and learning materials.
• Enabling young mothers to return to school. In many countries girls who become pregnant while at school are forbidden to return to their studies.
• Providing alternative education for girl’s education centers established outside the formal school system or use E-learning as an alternative method to encourage girls to learn if they can’t attend school for any reason.
• Locating schools closer to children’s homes, if necessary by establishing small, multigrade or multiage schools in remote rural areas.
• Involving the local community, by integrating their efforts with the government.

Published: 22/04/2013

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I always dream about living in a better world, with peace, love, justice and dignity. I try to help others as much as I can, but I always believe that it is better to help people find their ways to solve their problem themselves. Helping others is not limited to give them some money or let them use your old staff, but rather letting them know, know how to know themselves, how to discover themselves and the world around; because as much as they know, as much as they can defeat the fear to face any obstacle. That is why your site motivates me to participate. I was surfing the web and came across to your website, by chance.
Women are the basic part of the world. They are the half of our community and they raise the other half, so they are the entire world, indeed. Without helping women get their full rights and obtain their dignity and honor, we all lose. ‘‘Ahmed Shawqi, The poet, said: Mother is school and if you prepared her well, you will prepare people of good races.’’ Hopefully, by collaboration, we can speak out to call for their rights, give them the chance to express themselves, their problems, needs and desires. Our effort may make them stand up and take the incentive to proceed their way as there is chance to be heard and valued.
Before little years from now I was dreaming about finding a good job where I can put my full effort to be the best to prove to myself and all the people around that I can hold the responsibility and excel. When I got to college there was a good job opportunity for me. It was a little hard to work and study at the same time but I considered it as a challenge. I graduated successfully and was one of the best employees. I’m sure there are many women who have wonderful stories about striving in life to be better and to prove their abilities to make miracles; their stories, really, worth spreading. By publishing, listening, or broadcasting these stories we show the world the real abilities of women, how much they can do and bear. World has to know the real value of women in our life, we all have to admit that we can’t solve our problem without helping women take their full rights and empowering them.

Link:  http://worldpulse.com/node/68925
Published: 15/04/2013

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World Pulse is the leading network using the power of digital media to connect women worldwide and bring them a global voice. Their mission is to lift and unite women’s voices to accelerate their impact for the world.

I came across this site by accident; I can’t even remember how I reached them. They organized a writing competition to choose correspondents that would be the voices of the future. I loved the idea as it was new for me and I was in  a bad time and need anything to consolidate me and take me away from some ideas and desires; I also like to use my time effectively as much as I can and as much my family will to open the limit for me J. It was very good try indeed; actually I didn’t make extra effort in this competition; I just was reading about the topics they wanted me to read about and quote some ideas and notes to make my article but it was a good little step to know how to make admirable, many people like my article to extent I wasn’t expected, thing without knowing so much about it. Although I didn’t take much time exploring that world in depth because of workloads, I hope I can find my way to likewise community where I can help people and influence them. The competition was about 4 articles, I will copy and paste them in four pages just to record the moment and remind myself that there is a good thing I can involve in instead of grieving and wasting time with uncertain thoughts that I hoped for once to be real.

World in hands with web 2.0

New technologies have a vast potential for empowerment which needs to be fully exploited. These technologies can be powerful instruments for advancing economic and social development through the creation of new types of economic activity, employment opportunities, improvements in health-care delivery and other services, and the enhancement of networking, participation and advocacy within society.

“A collaborative medium, a place where we could all meet and read and write”. World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee. He was right; web 2.0 allows us to connect, express and transform ourselves as we collaborate across oceans, continents and cultural barriers. With web 2.0, you are not a watcher anymore; you can be a creator. Save your effort and time to use them effectively. By using web 2.0 you can accelerate executing work, connect with whoever you want easier, share experiences, dreams and problems. I can’t avoid log in web 2.0 everyday. It’s everything in my life. I can meet available friends every day, do my work even at home; connect with my relatives as they are abroad. I love reading, web 2.0 provide me with great books and information about everything I want to know from everywhere.

Web 2.0 can be seen as a tool for empowering women, a space where women can contribute to the construction of cultural knowledge, a space that can be used by women for connecting, networking and sharing information and interests with other women not tied to geography, time or affordability to reach others. Access to new methods of communication between women can facilitate social changes. Communication with other women on-line removes our sense of isolation and alienation. With the Internet, women have access to new resources, materials and information not locally available. They also can find recent and up to date data. Having access to new and current resources permits the spread of information that can be used for activism and social change. Women intimidated by public speaking may feel more comfortable speaking on-line. Ultimately, women may be attracted to the Internet because it makes claims not to pay attention to discrimination issues such as age, race and sex. And as Bill Gates said: The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

Link: http://worldpulse.com/node/68126

Published: 7/4/2013

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